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The Sydney Student Leaders Coalition is working with the Inner West Council to achieve fully solar-powered schools in the area. Currently, there are a small number of schools partially relying on solar panels as an energy source. We believe that - based on the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy for school communities - all schools should be powered entirely by solar power.


Our current model is established on the precedent set by a passionate student from Caringbah High School, who reached out to the Department of Education and was informed of their current tendering program: if your school can raise half the funds for a network of solar panels, the DET will provide the other half. They supplied him with information regarding the size and type of system his school required, and before long he had convinced his P&C and principal to raise half the stake. 


We plan to use this model, with the cooperation of the local councils, to spread this success across the schools of Sydney. 



1) Approach your school’s principal and explain to him the process of acquiring solar panels and the role that your school will play in that.


      Here is a transcript that you may use and/or adapt for that purpose.

2) Contact Sustainability Enquiries at who will provide numbers and a solar plan specific to your school.

      Here is a transcript that you may use and/or adapt for that purpose.



3) Approach your P&C and other community groups about funds and fundraising opportunities to raise your 50% of the solar panel costs.


      Here is a transcript that you may use and/or adapt for that purpose, and here is a PowerPoint        presentation to aid with your proposal.

4) Once the 50% of funds have been raised, your principal must contact to confirm that funding for your solar panel system is available.


5) Sustainability Enquiries will then pass on the project to the School Infrastructure NSW’s regional asset management unit (AMU), who will complete the necessary forms as well as procure and manage the project.



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